Boston University Opera Institute
Main Stage Repertoire and Casting

Albert Herring (Britten)
Performances February 7th-10th, 2018
William Lumpkin, conductor
Crystal Manich, stage director

Albert (t) – Dennis Schuman/Tim McGowan
Lady Billows (sop) -Julia Wolcott/Sarah Lennertz
Florence Pike (m) - Zaray Rodriguez/Joyner Horn
Miss Wordsworth (sop) - Kelsey Debner/Becca Lawson
Nancy (m) - Katarina Galagaza/Sylvia Leith (Cover: Allison Ritter)
Mayor (t) - Kyu Young Lee
Vicar (b) - Phil Sears/Tim Gorka
Sid (b) - Erik Larson/Fernando Cisneros (Cover: Phil Sears)
Superintendent Budd (b) - Isaac Kim
Mrs. Herring (sop) - Adriana Nieves/Ashlee Lamar (Cover: JoAnna Pope)
Emmie (sop)- Anne Marie Iacoviello
Cis: Lily Spik
Harry: Anna Carolina Peleas

Pelléas et Mélisande (Debussy)
Performances March 31st and April 1st, 2018
William Lumpkin, conductor
E. Loren Meeker, stage director

Pelleas - Young Kwang Yoo/Heeseung Chae (Cover: Phil Sears)
Mélisande - Helen Hassinger/Jennifer Jaroslavsky
Arkel - Isaac Kim
Genevieve - Zaray Rodriguez
Golaud - Erik Larson/Fernando Cisneros
Doctor - Phil Sears
Yniold - Emilie Faiella/Rose Lewis

2017-18 Opera Roster

Boston University Opera Institute and Opera Programs
2017-2018 Roster

Opera Institute
Helen Hassinger Zaray Rodriguez    Dennis Shuman     Heeseung Chae
Julia Wolcott                                                                             Young Kwang Yoo
Jennifer Jaroslavsky                                                                   Erik Larson
                                                                                                 Fernando Cisneros
                                                                                                 Isaac Kim

Opera Theatre
Ann-Marie Iacoviello       Wee Kiat Chia           Terrence Britt        Tim Gorka
Rose Lewis JoAnna Pope            Sirui Duan           Phil Sears
Adriana Nieves Katarina Galagaza     Tim McGowan
Becca Lawson                  Sylvia Leith               Kyu Young Lee
Kelsey Debner Allison Ritter
Ashlee Lamar
Emilie Faiella
Sarah Lennertz

Opera Workshop
Olivia Ericsson                Joyner Horn Sam deSoto Dylan Gregg
Katherine Merwin
Natalie Barnaby
Lindsay Greene
Victoria Lawal

Opera Project
Audrey Welsh Tara Palazuelos Andrew Lumbert Noah Fischer
Caroline Bourg                                                Robert Branning   Jack Humphrey
Mary Conley
Madison Mackey
Lily Spik
Jillian Agona
Anna Carolina Peleas
Elizabeth Finnen

2017/2018 Fringe Festival Repertoire & Cast List


October 6-8
Friday, Oct 6, 7:30pm
Saturday, Oct 7, 2pm and 7:30pm
Sunday, Oct 8, 2pm

Directed by Emily Ranii | Music Direction by Allison Voth | Composed by Griffin Candey on a libretto and original story by Thom K. Miller | Chosen as part of Fort Worth Opera’s 2017 Frontiers program | Commissioned and premiered by the Midwest Institute of Opera, premiered July 2015 | A dark comedy in two short acts. When Elizabeth Brigmann’s father dies suddenly, she decides to return to the small town that shunned her twelve years earlier. Amid the outwardly-cheery glow of 1950s rural America, Elizabeth and her partner, Kate, must square with the lurking disapproval of the town, the teetering success of the family business, and her family's (quite literal) deals with the Devil.

Elizabeth Brigmann: Zaray Rodriguez/TBD (JoAnna Pope, cover)
Kate Mayfield: Jennifer Jaroslavsky/Ashlee Lamar
Carl Silverton: Terrence Britt/Phil Sears
Doofey MacLaran: Kyu Young Lee/Tim McGowan
Joe Brigmann: Fernando Cisneros/Erik Larson (Phillip Sears, cover)
Mrs. Webster (+ensemble): JoAnna Pope (Galagaza, cover)
Woman 1 / Souffle Lady / Denise: Kelsey Debner/Rebecca Lawson
Woman 2: Adriana Nieves/Allison Ritter
Woman 3: Sylvia Leith/Katarina Galagaza
Man 1: Sirui Duan
Man 2 / Golf Man: Tim Gorka


October 20-22
Friday, Oct 20, 7:30pm
Saturday, Oct 21, 2pm and 7:30pm
Sunday, Oct 22, 2pm

Directed by Jim Petosa | Conducted by William Lumpkin | Composed by Jonathan Berger on a libretto by Dan O'Brien | Premiered as part of the 2013 "Prototype Festival" (Beth Morrison Productions) | The true story of Pulitzer Prize-winning combat journalist Paul Watson as he seeks to stifle the haunting voice of an American soldier whose corpse he photographed in the streets of Mogadishu.
​Soprano​ (Bystander; Grinker; Paul's inner voice): Helen Hassinger/Julia Wolcott
Countertenor​ (Paul's inner voice): Wee Kiat Chia
​Tenor (Honderich;Paul's inner voice): Dennis Shuman/TBD
​Baritone (Paul Watson): Heeseung Chae/Young Kwang Yoo
​Bass (Cleveland/Cleveland's Brother): Isaac Kim

Other Performance Opportunities

Classes are taught with performance in mind. Musical coaching, staging and performance are crucial for experiencing and learning a variety of styles (musical, acting, movement, stage direction and musical direction) and for integrating singing with the acting and movement skills taught in our performance based classes.

Satellite Projects

From time to time our musical and directing staff find unusual opera, operetta, and/or musical theater projects to enrich the opera experience of talented people who are not cast in other venues. In the past we have done famous one acts (like Gianni Schicchi and Suor Angelica) and have work-shopped new works by students and faculty. TBA dates

Outreach Performances
Opportunities arise for members of the Opera Programs and Opera Institute to perform in venues that encourage new audiences or take opera to people who might otherwise not have the opportunity to hear it. Some of these performances are paid, some are not. TBA dates

Scenes Programs 
 December Scenes Semester I: December 10 and Semester II: March 18.

Ensemble participation
Ensemble participation is viewed as an important opportunity and is an integral part of our practical performance training.